North Boone

Transportation Services

Dr. Mike Greenlee / Director
Mrs. Vienna Aaby / Transportation Supervisor

Fax: 815-765-2053


Your child is entitled to bus transportation at no charge if you are a resident of North Boone CUSD #200 and live 1-1/2 miles or more from the school he or she will attend or live in an area declared to have a hazardous crossing as determined by the Illinois Department of Transportation. The Board of Education makes transportation available to other areas on a paid basis and accepts riders to the extent that transportation services are available.

Parents: Students are only allowed to ride the bus they are assigned to. No special requests to ride other buses home will be granted unless its an absolute emergency. (Call 815-765-2655)


Transportation Request Form   (Spanish Version)
Bus Conduct Rules
Bus Stop Change Request Form
Bus Safety Information
Application for Paid Transportation
School Attendance Zones


Activity Buses—Activity buses are available to Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School students after school. Students who are not involved in after-school tutoring, clubs, sports, and activities may not ride the after-school activity bus. These buses run Tuesday-Thursday and start after Labor Day and end before Memorial Day. There is no charge for the activity bus.

Field Trips—Most of the district’s field trips are taken on North Boone CUSD 200 buses.

Routes and Stops—Scheduled bus routes and stops are assigned to accommodate the most centrally located population. Generally, buses do not stop at more than every other block (corner). As bus stop times are a general guide, students are expected to be at their bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Heavy traffic or inclement weather can prevent drivers from maintaining the scheduled stop times. Students are encouraged to wait until the bus arrives.

Special Education Transportation—Although most special education students attend a North Boone CUSD 200 school, bus transportation is provided to other schools in the north and northwest suburban area. The transportation and special services directors jointly coordinate special education bus routes. Because most special education students are picked up at “house” stops, parents are requested to call the transportation office (815-765-2655) if a student is not attending school, or you can leave a message on our absence recorder (815-765-2655). The transportation office opens at 6:00 a.m.

Driver Qualifications—All North Boone CUSD 200 bus drivers are licensed by the Secretary of State and the Illinois State Board of Education. To qualify for a school bus license, a driver must:

  • Have a good driving record.
  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Complete a state-mandated, eight-hour bus safety course.
  • Demonstrate safe behind-the-wheel driving skills.
  • Complete an annual two-hour bus safety refresher course.
  • Pass an annual physical examination, including a drug/alcohol test.

***Updated pay rates 2023-2433.00 per route  –  16.50 per hour  –  25.00 bonus for saturday/sunday charters

North Boone CUSD 200 provides in service workshops for drivers on topics such as bus safety, discipline, defensive driving, and driving in bad weather.

Bus Inspections—North Boone CUSD 200 maintains its own staff of trained mechanics. All buses meet strict safety standards set by state and federal regulations. All buses are equipped with radios and are in contact with the transportation office at all times. Each school bus is required to have:

  • A daily, pre-trip safety inspection by the driver.
  • Preventive maintenance and safety inspection every 3,000 miles.
  • An inspection every six months at a state-licensed safety-lane facility.
  • A major safety and maintenance inspection annually or every 10,000 miles.

At least twice a year, students practice proper procedures for an emergency bus evacuation. In addition, all buses are equipped with a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

Student Safety and Behavior—Most accidents or injuries to students occur when they are boarding or leaving the bus. Students must follow every precaution when entering or leaving the bus. If anything is dropped when getting on or off the bus, the youngster should not pick it up. The child should let the driver know that something has been dropped so the driver may assist the student. Parents are encouraged to review this rule with their children.

Video Cameras—For your child’s safety, video cameras have been installed on some district buses to monitor and encourage good behavior. The camera enables the driver to concentrate on driving the bus.