North Boone

Caring for your Chromebook is essential to device uptime. Here are some options that will keep your device safe.

Please have your students watch this video. This video shows common ways that Chromebooks break, and how to keep them from doing so. 

Parent costs

The district currently has parents pay half of the repair part costs for accidental breakage.

*Multiple and malicious breakages may result in full-cost repairs or replacements. (Principal discretion)

*Parts outside of this list could be charged.

*We will cover all non-accidental / manufacture defect repairs.

*Students are responsible for any damage done to loaners. The loaners are a mix of different models and will be charged at market rate.

* All repairable Chromebook mischief (not requiring new parts) will result in a $10 fee. Example: Student rearranges keys.

Optional Chromebook Insurance

Unfortunately, some students accidentally break or lose their Chromebooks. We are now offering Chromebook Insurance.

1 year of ChromeCare coverage for Non-Touch Chromebooks (Dell 3100/3100) $28
Grades 1-12
1 year of ChromeCare coverage for the Touch Chromebooks (Dell 3100 2-in-1)  $33

You can purchase insurance via our website pay portal under “optional options,” or bring money to your school. 

*All payments must be made by August 31, 2024

Protective Chromebook Gear
2021-22 School Year

Popular websites such as and sell items to protect against breakage and prolong the life of your Chromebook. Grades 1-12 will receive a Dell 3100 –3110, and the Kindergarten students will use a Dell 3100 Touch. They all have an 11.6″ screen. We encourage you to purchase protective gear for these devices. 

Follow the search terms below to find what you need: Put the model numbers above, plus one of the following items into a retailer’s website to find protective equipment. Hardshell – Always on case – Sleeve

Example:  Dell 3100 hardshell.

Always on case. Recommended for students who take home and travel between classes. We currently have a group buy that will be open until Aug 27th. This case is $49 msrp. We are selling it for $23!  Click here to purchase. 

*Note: Students who keep devices at school, This bag may not fit in our storage carts. See other protective items.  

HardShell. These are just like the cases you put on your phone. 

Sleeve. Perfect for students who want to transport their Chromebooks via a book bag.

*School Appropriate Stickers Are Allowed On Student Owned Protective Gear.

*Please Write Your Name On Your Protective Gear.1-