Employee Documents

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Teacher Handbook
Certified Teacher Evaluation Documents
Non-Certified Staff Handbook
Benefit Presentation 2014

Personnel Forms

School District Payment Order-Check Request 4:50-E1
Emergency Contact Form 5:30-E1
Employee Travel Expense Voucher 5:60-E1
Employee Estimated Expense Approval FormĀ 5:60-E2
Pre Approval for Courses 5:100-E1
Request for Lane Movement 5:100-E2
Pre Approval for Certified Professional Travel Leave and Reimbursement 5:250-E2
Absence Form-Educational Support Personnel 5:330-E3
Pre Approval Form for Vacation Leave 5:330-E4
Payment Requests for Stipends
Employee AUP 6:235-E2
Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Employee Name or Address Change Request